What is a windbreakologist?

A person who specializes in the layout, plants used, and long life design to break, block or divert the wind to any given area.


Services we provide as a Windbreakologist™ --Kevin Kelly

  • Annual rainfall and temperatures in the area of the windbreak.

  • Soil types and conditions in the area of your windbreak.

  • Proper trees and shrubs that will do well in your area, and have a long life.

  • Proper spacing of trees and shrubs to provide a long lasting windbreak.

  • Proper herbicides that can be used around windbreak trees and shrubs.

  • Control measures of unwanted animals and insects in your windbreak

  • Control measures of volunteer/unwanted trees and shrubs in your windbreak.

  • Reduction of odors by proper placement of trees and shrubs

  • Control of blowing snow into an area where you do not want it.

  • Trees/shrubs, delivery and planting of windbreaks in the Midwest—USA

  • UPS shipping of trees and shrubs for windbreaks throughout the USA.



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